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Kensuke Ushio's score has been well-received, and while the fans are split whether DEVILMAN crybaby is a good adaptation or not, they unanimously agree that it has a killer soundtrack.
  • The remix of "Devilman No Uta", the Japanese opening of the original anime series, does a splendid job capturing the tone of this Darker and Edgier adaptation while remaining campy in its own right and is insanely catchy to boot.
  • "MAN HUMAN", the opening to the show. It's foreboding, catchy, and sounds like something from a nightclub; giving you a very good idea of what you're about to watch.
  • "D.V.M.N.", a powerful orchestral theme which plays during a lot of important scenes in the anime (e.g. Akira's transformation to Devilman and his battle with Ryo/Satan in the climax). It also plays during the credits in some of the episodes.
  • "Crybaby", which plays in the last few minutes of Episodes 9 and 10. True to its title, you yourself might be in tears once you listen to this. After all, Ushio also worked on the soundtrack of A Silent Voice.
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  • "Judgment", which plays in some of the trailers, credits, and when Sirene merges with Kaim. Before the series even aired, this track (besides "D.V.M.N.") already made it clear that this adaptation of Devilman is far grittier than the others.
  • "Buddy, Ryo", an electrifying theme that perfectly embodies the dark but stylish feel of the series, and is a good example on why Crybaby tends to be likened to Hotline Miami.
  • "From Here to Eternity", which plays during the baton pass scene and shortly before Miki and Akira's deaths, induces the feeling of both the joy and pain of nostalgia.
  • "School Life", which plays in the earlier episodes, feels like a wonderful combination that would definitely be made from the soundtracks of A Silent Voice and Persona 3.
  • "Behind the Scene", much like its name, definitely gives the impression of an investigation, all the while making the listener feel a unique kind of tension, especially with the chanting in the background. By extension, there's "Smells Blood", its more... "upbeat" counterpart, which just oozes with ominous foreboding, but it's blood-pumping enough to keep you excited still.
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  • "His Heart", a solemn and wistful piece that plays when Akira is forced to kill his mother to free her from a Fate Worse than Death.
  • "Night Hawk", Silene's Leitmotif, is rife with bass lines and ominous chanting to the point that it gives you tension.
  • "Miki the Witch" starts on a light note but gradually becomes more intense and intentionally dissonant at the same time.
  • "Cheesy Drop" sounds like something you would hear in bars, and is a beat you can't help tapping your feet or bopping your head to.


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