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In the anime, Electronic Whips are illegal because they impede the goal of the Angelic Layer creator; mapping out the human nervous system. Game-Breaker bugs were tolerated because they provided additional data.

Icchan created Angelic Layer as a way of both rustling up the cash for neurological research as well as getting data on the nervous system through how humans synchronize with their Angel dolls. Electronic whips were external components that had nothing to do with this connection, thus got in the way the original intent. Any bizarre unexpected superpower that nevertheless was the result of the unison of mind over matter was an opportunity to analyze a unique neural pathway.


Owning an Angel doll requires signing a document waiving privacy rights regarding neurological data.

Officially, it's stated (buried in the user agreement) that this is to avoid epileptics from having seizures and other problems.

  • Nevertheless, Icchan was later sued for millions for using the data for his research. Fortunately his prosthetic grants and later robotics grants gained him billions.

Misaki will eventually suffer the same condition that her mother suffers from.

The main proof to this WMG is that while Hikaru moves like a super gymnast, Misaki is a Clumsy Girl. The huge offset between how well she can control Hikaru compared to her own body could indicate that she inherited the nerve disorder her mother has.


Impossible crossovers

Icchan is Rozen.

Rozen made the first 7 dolls (the "Rozen Maidens") as prototype angels. Unfortunately, they were too powerful for the human mind to control, and had their own personalities, so he let them just battle it out to attain some position he made up called the Alice. He then forgot about/denied their existence, despite how much they worshipped him. Rozen changed his name to Icchan, so that the Rozen Maidens could never find him and perfected his doll-making skills so that he could make dolls that were a) controllable by the human mind, b) able to battle and, c) mass marketable.


Plausible crossovers

Busou Shinki and Frame Arms Girls are competing brands of fighting robot dolls

Shinki run on a completely different architecture closer to PCs or Smartphones, and even possess BIOS functionality and SD Card support, while FA Girls have a modular plamo kit-based plug-and-play weapons and armor system and an Android OS-based launcher for its VR arena system. There is a small but intense third-party, underground scene for cross-platform duels between Angel Doll operators and Shinki/FA Girl masters despite the In-Universe rivalry between Angel Doll operators (who see Shinki and FA Girl Masters as lonely people who surround themselves with autonomous dolls to be surrogate daughters) and Shinki/FA Girl Masters (who scoff at Angel Doll operators for being jealous of not having a Shinki or FA Girl who can respond well to care and basically live alongside them in their daily lives outside of battle).


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