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How the Boss will be implemented in this game (feel free to add your own guesses).
  • A secret character who will be unlocked and playable near the end of the game.
  • The leader of some kind of police or other crime fighting force, similar to how Johnny was a police officer.
    • Like if Boss was a good (or heroic) counterpart to SRTT's Cyrus Temple?
  • The Boss was President of the USA in SRIV, why not them being a legitimate POTUS in this timeline? (Instead of being President Evil whose roots began from a street gang, could alternately be a sort of President Action.)
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  • The Boss is either dead or never existed in the Agents of Mayhem universe.
  • The Boss is one of the playable characters. Their identity is up to whoever the player feels like.
  • The Boss is Persephone Brimstone. Leader of the universe's equivalent of The Saints? Check. Russian Female? That was a possible option for The Boss, and check. Clearly doesn't care about collateral damage? Check. Went from being a Lieutenant to turning on her leader and being a total badass in her own right, becoming obscenely powerful? Check. Employes Pierce, Oleg and Gat? Check. Face it, Persephone Brimstone is The Boss.
  • The Player in the first Saints Row game was a Scary Black Man. If any of the agents are the Boss's alternate self, it's probably Hardtack. Though I think that an argument could actually be made that Hardtack, Persephone, Fortune, Mixer, and Braddock are all theoretical alternate Bosses (based on the voice options available).
  • The Boss is the Morningstar, having taken over from Lucifer.

A thought that spawned from the above WMG; If the Boss were to be in Mayhem, what would their appearance and/or personality be like?
  • Perhaps they could easily take on the appearance of their defaults (if they stay Caucasian). Same could be said for personality (with certain changes based on the AU).
  • Maybe the Boss will be a mysterious character of unknown gender, ethnicity, appearance, etc (perhaps only appearing as a Voice with an Internet Connection or something similar) so that every player's version could be correct.

Satan will be either The Man Behind the Man or Greater-Scope Villain of the game.

  • Considering he's the Big Bad of the previous game, meaning the devil is part of the world of Saints Row, another thing that I can't help but notice is the Biblical/Hell motifs in the evil organization L.E.G.I.O.N. The name Legion alone is that of a Biblical demon. There's Dr. Babylon, perhaps a reference to the Whore of Babylon, and the fact he leads the Ministry of Pride, one of the seven deadly sins, and the one attributed to Lucifer. There's even a former member, Persephone Brimestone; while not part of Bibical theology, in Classical Mythology Persephone is the name of Hades' wife, and co-ruler of the Underworld; the name Brimestone also has a part in this as Fire And Brimestone are commonplace attributes to Hell. If that's not enough, the enigmatic leader of L.E.G.I.O.N is called the Morningstar, as in the meaning of Lucifer's name. They are not exactly subtle about this.

Kinzie will be a DLC agent

  • The final "Persephone's Encrypted Files" video shows a series of M.A.Y.H.E.M. agent dossiers, one of which is for Kinzie Kenzington, whose code name is "Safeword." Also, one of Gat's entries in the M.A.Y.H.E.M. database says that he's friends with Safeword, which is odd since none of the other agents in that video who aren't playable or base agents are referenced at any other point in the game. Finally, having three DLC agents means that there is a fifth team of three.
    • Confirmed.

Keith David is Morningstar
  • No, not Keith David is playing Morningstar, or Alternate!Julius is Morningstar. At some point, actor Keith David decides to get into supervillainy and upends the world order.

Morningstar and Dark Matter are what's left of Satan.
In previous game it's explained that when someone in Hell are killed; they spend the next 100 years painfully putting themselves back together. Something similar happened when Johnny killed Satan, but then the Cosmic Reset happened and that made it more permanent. Satan's mind reset into Morningstar; but his power is in Dark Matter. Satan's mind is no slouch, so he set up the Ministries of the Seven Deadly Sins in LEGION to get his power back.

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