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The Government finally gets a handle on the madness by a combination of Awesomeness by Analysis and bribery. Result: the Vorstellen police show up, give them the drama they crave, a few years of therapy and wonderful drugs, after which they are hailed as innovative geniuses for developing revolutionary technology.

The comic shows an alternate path to wear out the Mad Scientist meme.
The accepted method of handling the meme is a challenge, a chase scene, and a denouement. However, Benjamin Preston's relapse shows another possible method: if the scientist's current obsession is reached, the meme will run its course. Granted, this could be problematic in the standard situations presented, seeing as most of them are trying to Take Over the World, but in the right circumstances, it might even be easier to do the alternate method in the future such as in the comic's denouement, where Bejamin's obsession was to rescue Caprice, which he ultimately succeeded at.
  • Come to think of it, we never do find out if the compulsion to try and conquer the human race is an inevitable consequence of SRMD or merely the most common presentation.
    • It may also be that mad scientists who aren't trying to take over the world tend not to get noticed by the authorities (since they aren't causing trouble).
  • Perhaps not. One way to look at the climax of the story is when two cases of Science-Related Memetic Disorder clash. Both cases have an obsession that they wish to accomplish through the use of a scientific field or two (Robotics for Haas, physics and memetics for Benjamin). They have a confrontation, chase, and denouement... against each other. The same confrontation happens to complete the memetic cycle for both scientists. Benjamin happens to be the one who prevails, but it's not clear if success is what wears out the meme or if it's merely a side effect of the standard method of treating it.

Once completed, Virgil's network will be the Enlightenment to Mars's Romanticism.
Contrary to Caprice's objections, Haas's robotic network isn't cold or clinical. But they do seem more goal-oriented, willing to ignore aesthetics in order to solve a problem. Whereas Mars focuses on aesthetics, staying in touch with nature - such as it is - and philosophy, the robotic hive mind formed by Earth's robots will be more interested in growth, scientific discovery, and more efficient use of resources. The dynamic between the two planet-spanning minds will define the next period of Solar System's history.

Mars has already been in love with Benjamin prior to the events of the comic
And the entire story was just an attempt to turn his attention. This would explain why Mars doesn't seem to have run a background check on Ben (like it does on dr. Juruna in five seconds flat) - it actually has done it before and pretended it hasn't in order to not spook Benjamin with its omniscience. Also - Mars seems to be mildly matriarchal, judging by the way intellect link protocols are assigned (you inherit them from your mother), the fact that both Martians in positions of power in the story are women (mrs. Winters and Serafina Quevillion), and the only named male Martian we meet is Caprice's dad. Incidentally, Serafina doesn't seem to be his sister - she looks much more like Xia (and Caprice), hinting at matrilinear naming. So, Mars personality might be of feminine gender, and hence attracted to a fairly attractive guy like Benjamin.

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