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A version of the much-versioned Boulder Dash, including most objects from Emerald Mine as well. There is the community which used to share levels amongst each-other (this has dried out now) and try to outdo each architect. The amount, and diversity, of characters comes straight from Emerald Mine; the Yam Yam Beast for example...

The game hasn't been updated in over a decade and can be, therefore, deemed as abandonware. This game lives, or certainly lived, off of its retro look and feel.



  • Area of Effect:
    • Coming into contact with the Mooks will destroy anything within a 3X3 grid. Including you.
    • The robot will only destroy anything within a 1x1 grid.
    • Detonating TNT will destroy anything within a 3X3 grid.
    • Blowing up a TNT crate will destroy anything within a 5X5 grid.
  • Big Bad: The Yam Yam Beast. One could argue that the mine itself is this since the player character is completely at its mercy. Their drop on death is seemingly random as are their movements. An Evil Counterpart since the hero's movements are meaningful.
  • The Dragon: The Bug. If you defeat them in combat their corpse gives you gems making them a Worthy Opponent.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Although only the robot follows you with the intent to kill, The Yam Yam Beast, bug, minecart, swamp, falling anything (stones, bags, bombs, etc.) and lasers certainly won't go out of their way to avoid Max.
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  • The Evil Genius: The Robot. They will follow you to the bends of the earth and take you out quietly on a 1x1 patch.
  • Fake Difficulty: Some levels are surprisingly easy to solve. It's the split-second timing that gets some players.
  • Mook: The bug and minecart. Both are about as hard to get rid of as each-other although the former can be stopped with the swamp. They explode leaving 8 emeralds and 1 sapphire.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: The player character has to start the level, or suspended save, over if they get hit.

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