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Coffee Drinker is a short Idle Game by Extradavid released in 2020. You initially only drink coffee and spend empty mugs on upgrades to increase drinking efficiency and workers to drink for you, but you soon end up starting a cult and choosing a god to dedicate it to.

It is playable here.

This game provides examples of:

  • Cargo Cult: You start a cult later on which is based on drinking and spreading love for coffee.
  • Must Have Caffeine: You have to drink a lot of coffee and fill your caffeine level. The higher the level is, the faster you will go. It slowly turns blacker, and when it's 100%, it turns white.
  • Practical Currency: Empty mugs from coffee you and your workers drink are the game's main currency.
  • Real Men Have It Black: You can hire an old man who drinks black coffee. They can later drink blacker coffee, then blackest coffee.
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  • Too Many Mouths: One of the coffee-drinking workers is the Monster with One Million Mouths, with the number rising in orders of magnitude when you buy upgrades.