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Unusual Euphemism / Tabletop Games

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  • In Shadowrun, the vulgar lingo of the streets required a number of less offensive stand-ins for common curses. Most commonly, you would "kick hoop" because that "fragger" fed you a line of "bulldrek". This has mainly been discarded in Fourth Edition in favor of more traditional forms of swearing.
  • If you get enough Dungeons & Dragons nerds together they will begin taking the names of fictional deities in vain. "By Vecna's dental filling!", "Pelor preserve us!", and "Moradin!" shouted at dice which stubbornly insist on rolling 1's.
    • Most D&D players consider 'Lolth!' (The name of an evil spider goddess) and related exclamations the worst/most serious of this variety. Players also swear 'By the Beard of Gygax!' and more recently 'By the Ghost of Gygax' or 'Great Gygax's Ghost!' (Garry Gygax was co-creator of D&D and one of the founders of the entire hobby).
    • By the semen-soaked eyehole of Grumushh!
  • Not the game itself, but the fandom: a large population of those Warhammer 40,000 fans who hang out on 4chan have adopted "purge" as a euphemism for sex, taken from the "HS40K" fanfic.
  • Among one of the many, many bizarre qualities of FATAL is its insistence on using the term "manhood" instead of "penis". This comes up more than you would hope for an RPG manual.
  • Deadlands has an in-universe example: The Texas Rangers employ a number of beings with supernatural abilities, all of whom are listed in the TO&E as "musicians". The Rangers needed a place to stick a large number of decidedly un-military people and decided "the band" was as good a cover as any. Also, it provides a useful cover, a message asking for "a small concert" at a certain time and place is likely to pass by any spies rather unnoticed.