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Hello, I'm Zoriax91, italiano e pazzo straordinario. I'm 19, thin, and with a bush of brown hair on my head. I've discovered many shows here on TV Tropes...maybe too much. I like TV Tropes, Kingdom Hearts, Terry Pratchett, casual games, Caparezza (an italian pop singer called "Curlyhead" for his hair), funny things, That Guy With The Glasses, and recently Mass Effect. And Minecraft.

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Here are a few tropes for me:

Of course they are looking at me like I am crazy - I am! I'm talking to someone that is only in my head! You aren't real! YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO EXIST!
When there will be no witnesses, mister. When there will be no witnesses.
Shut up, or I will rape you. Again.
(after having heard an horrible pun, a Laughing Mad moment and a brief Shower of Angst in the sink) When you begin to think that killing someone and raping his intestines would be fun, it's probably time to put a stop.

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