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Hello. I am a trans demiboy and my pronouns are He/Him and They/Them. I make edits to pages and I am pretty active on the TLP.

Ignore what my username says. I'm still trying to figure out a name for myself right now.

I am currently a university student in game design. I like drawing, mainly digital, and playing video games. I have a DeviantArt, Twitter, and YouTube account (currently under my old name, but I plan to change them at some point).


I moved over from my other account because I grew to dislike my username.

And, uh... I have no idea what else to put here right now. Thanks for stopping by. Click here go to my Troper Wall.

Pages that I have created (in order of creation) — the * indicates pages from my old account and ones in bold are from drafts made by other tropers that I grabbed.

Work Pages



Current Laucnhpad drafts — drafts in bold are ones that I grabbed.