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Dae Brayk: Goddamnit, Dragon. Get your sockpuppet out of here. A well-done sockpuppet in an RP to keep things moving? Hell if I care, but you're being pretty damned blatant about it!
Vyctorian: [up] ??
Dae Brayk: Just try to follow the Dragon/ Splitting Infinity interactions as if you were two separate people. Try to imagine setting up and giving those responses without controlling both characters at once. It's clearly a unified dialog written by a single author.
Chihuauha0: [up] Finally, you came out. If you think things are slow, please jump into are conversation of ours. We need you to keep the RP alive. Now I'm tempted to creating my own sockpuppet.By the way, if one of them is a sockpuppet, Splitting Infinity is the one. She only posted in a few threads, compared to Dragon.
Vyctorian: I figured it was just people setting a relationship up via PM like I've encouraged multiple times.
Chihuahua0: Either that, or they're siblings or friends, like I did once
Dae Brayk: Splitting Infinity only ever posted in Dark Summer threads, from what I could see
Vyctorian: Not something that I particularly care about either way
Dragon573: I'm not Splitting Infinity, sorry... She's my girl friend. We RP together a lot, just not on TVtropes. We go to the same highschool and everything. It's like we can read each others minds sometimes. It freaks people out.
Vyctorian: thats fine, I figured you just knew someone I've done that before. besides it seemed a little two fast for someone duel logging accounts. (sic)

Later, when Infinity got back...

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  • You lost the game. Love, Dragon573. And thank you for the cake... even if it's a lie.
  • And another thank you very much for a vandalism-only page. Meh. -desdendelle
    • Look, I'm sorry, but I'm too lazy to actually write a bio. Maybe someone could do it for me! *looks at Dragon*
      • -sigh- Fine, I'll do it one of these days... but you'll regret not doing it yourself.
    • This is going to end badly. I'm sure. Also: you're Dragon's girlfriend? Huh.
      Addendum: I doubt you can split the infinite... -des
      • Not that I know much about this, but it should be possible. You simply go from having one infinity to having multiple infinities. (And yes, "infinities" is a word.)
      • If you care to mess with Alephs and the such, then yes. Otherwise, no. -desdendelle
  • Hi, Dragon's girlfriend who I don't really know but am saying hello to anyways! - Motree

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