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Hiya. MisterDrBob here. I found this site after doing a vanity search of my screen name believe it or not. And somebody here had recommended a fanfic of mine called Young Neil vs. Toronto (a Scott Pilgrim fic. For some reason, it will only show up here as Neil vs Toronto). As you know, TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. Within an hour of finding this site, I was irrevocably drawn in. Eventually I said: "Screw it, I'm joining this thing!" And I've been having fun troping ever since. I have a Fan Fiction Dot Net account that you can see here. Please give me feedback! I love knowing what I could do better. My main project right now is a group of stories that feature my take on the Marvel Universe, taking my favorite aspects of the characters and elements from the various media they've been portrayed in. The series is five stories: Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and Marvel Knights (Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Punisher, Luke Cage, etc.) On Fan Fiction Dot Net, I'm probably best known for a story called "The Caped Crusader." It was one of the first fics I wrote, so understandably, it's laughably bad looking back. I wrote it right after The Dark Knight came out, back when everyone was convinced the villain of the next one would be the Riddler. After I finished it, a reader who wanted to get into filmmaking asked if he could adapt it into a fanfilm. I said sure if I could be involved in some way. We worked sporadically on it for roughly a year and even found someone to do animated character models before abandoning it. The script was actually better than the story itself. To remedy this, I began re-writing, only to abandon that halfway through. I really just leave it up as a reminder of how much I've improved. Another story that's gotten a lot (relatively speaking) of traffic is "That Smasher's Show," a Super Smash Bros. fic. The original idea was that Master Hand would have the awesome idea of making a sitcom and forcing the Smashers to star in it. After a while, I decided to pull a Bait-and-Switch and reveal that he'd secretly decided to make a documentary about them instead. I'm more proud of this one, but it has its narmy moments. I'm a poor college student, who aspires to be a journalist. I actually use fanfiction to sharpen my storytelling skills. It's helped a lot, believe it or not. As is to be expected, I love movies, video games, books, and the Internet.


Oh, I contributed heavily to the pages for Starship and Julian Smith Dot Tv, and wrote the pages for Legendary Frog, Marvel Fairy Tales and The Night Gwen Stacy Died.

Tropes I provide an example of:

  • Adorkable: Or so I'm told.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: A lot of what I write actually.
  • And The Fandom Rejoiced: Basically I spend the first part of summer waiting for E3 so this can happen.
  • Avengers, Assemble!: But of course.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Yes, I love doing this. But only when appropriate. Examples include my "Young Neil vs. Toronto" story, and "That Smasher's Show" where Master Hand is the author. Will show up in my Marvel continuity as Deadpool is definitely showing up.
  • Brown Eyes
  • Crack Fic: "That Smasher's Show" sometimes gets into this. Whether it works or not is up to you.
  • Going for the Big Scoop: I was once assigned covering a laptop theft (I go to a university where this kind of thing never happens). I wrote a great expose when I found out who did it (he'd already been caught, but not a lot of people knew who it was), but then couldn't publish it because it was a student conduct case, and those are supposed to stay private apparently. Oh well. My editor liked it.
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  • Insult Backfire: Too often.
  • Multicolored Hair: Most people think it's black, but it's actually dark brown. And when I have facial hair, it is about three different shades of brown and red.
  • School Newspaper News Hound: My university's paper has won a few awards. I'm not on staff, but I wrote on it for a practicum course. The only story of mine that they ended up publishing was about Starbucks' new cup size. Not my best work, but I digress.
  • Sturgeon's Law: Overlaps with Self-Deprecation. I'm pretty hard on myself when it comes to my writing.
  • Wolverine Publicity: I swear to avert this hard and make the team the focus of my X-Men story.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: I've realized this is a problem in that Marvel continuity I mentioned. Or at least it has the potential to be. Mostly in relation to time of the year, and how far apart I'm claiming events happen.

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