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I'm Mantyf, I'm italian, I was born in Rome in 1994 and who joined tvtropes in 2014 (with a few, minor things happening in between). Currently, I'm studying math while worldbuilding and practising my writing, hoping to become a fantasy author one day. I'm a fan of Critical Role (and a roleplayer my self), fantasy authors (with Brandon Sanderson and Terry Pratchett standing out) and Doctor Who. I'm also a feminist, pansexual and don't really identify with any gender (personally, I'm fine with whichever you chose to use for me). I'm here because I love this site and I hope I can give my contribution and create pages for some italian works. Should you be interested, you can find me on tumblr (I'm Mantyf there too) and some other website, you can recognize me by the symbol.


     Tropes that applies to me/my works/my characters 

  • Ambiguous Gender Identity: I don't really identify with any gender identity. I'm fine with any pronoun you feel more comfortable using, as long as you don't assume it must be the only right one.
  • The Archmage: My main characters all go in that direction.
  • Berserk Button: Never, ever say that math is useless or stupid when I'm around (I'm perfectly fine with people not liking itor finding it hard, it's people diminishing it that I can't stand). Also, discussion about feminism, MOGAI rights and equality can get me quite worked up, but I'm usually more controlled.
  • Better Than a Bare Bulb: The question is not if you can lampshade/twist it, the question is how.
  • Necromancer: My favourite role to play in any game (that, or the closest thing the setting allows).
  • Blood Knight: Interesting enough, most of my characters love challenges. Noticeably, they usually are spellcasters/long-range fighters, so this plays out slightly differently than the usual (but so far have included a mind-battle with a god while still at level 2. It didn't end well). In real life I'm a variation, I started to realize I usually sabotage myself unintentionally in order to have closer matches.
  • Catchphrase: I say "che poi" a lot (if there's an english equivalent I don't know it, sorry).
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Hopefully, I do always dress in black and have a fascination for things most people find creepy, I'm pretty sure not to be evil but, still, that's for others to decide. My main characters also wear all black, have dark motifs, and are good alligned.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Me, and most of my main characters.
  • Good Is Not Nice: I'm not a easy one to deal with, but I hope to count as a good guy anyway.
  • Magitek: Because why not.
  • Pungeon Master: And in two different languages, mostly very lame ones, but that's what makes it funny. I just like to have pun.
  • Recurring Element: Filros, Mekhet and Worris are three basic characters with different iterations in the different role-play universes, and are minor NPC when I master. When I master, there also Ignitus, Bhrama and Cryon as recurring entities. Also, my characters usually are part of a minorty, particullary MOGAI.
  • Sacrificed Basic Sill For Awesome Training: My characters usually have no idea about how to properly interact with others. Usually, this translates in having Charisma as a dump stat. Intelligence, however, is usually above-average at least. When looks are a stat (in games such as Sine Requie, or the World Of Darkness ones) I usually made that sub-par/aweful as well.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: See the Magitek above.
  • What an Idiot!: Another things my main characters usually do. They usually have high-to-exceptional Intelligence, but either don't have the wisdom to back it up or, when they do have it, they chose to follow the most dangerous path nontheless. Particularly true when I'm playing incarnations of Filros. In a variation, this only applies when they are endangering themselves, they are a lot more careful when it would damage others.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: Currently undergraduate in math, so I hope to be an aversion.


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