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Hi, I'm Jess - but most people call me Moni on the internet (a roleplaying character had the name and it sort of stuck). I'm fourteen, I'm home-educated and I live in the UK. You've probably only seen me make vapid, pointless, redundant posts on the forums. Really, I have a crippling fear of rejection round these parts due to the amount of time I spend on the main wiki, and I'm sure you know how association can do some terrible things. Not wishing to be angsty here; that's just how I feel. So yes, though I am planning on going back to the forums, I mostly make minor edits, breaking that for the occasional trope suggestion.


I write SF and the occasional music review, program music (screw the pedants, it is 'programming' to me), and make random vexel art. But that rarely happens; most of my time's spent on the internet or on video games.

If you wish to speak with me, I suggest you leave a comment/note on my DeviantART page; I pretty much live on that website.

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Favourite Comics:

A short list, but oh well. I read far more webcomics. I should say; I don't actually read much (if any) manga, nor do I watch anime. It's not that I don't like it, but I've had my phases and came out of them pretty neutral to the form.

Favourite Films:

Favourite Literature:


Favourite Musicians/Artists:

Favourite TV Programs (animated and live action):

Favourite video games:

Favourite webcomics:

What I dislike:

As with most things, I'm fine if you disagree on these.

And other stuff.


  • Psychonauts - the first thing that really got me into shipping. I go a bit crazy when I'm shipping for this fandom, though, of course, I don't mind if you don't support my ships!
    • Boyd/(a) G-Man: One True Pairing~ Implied Foe Yay and a Crack Pairing. What's not to love? I just find it pretty cute.
    • Sasha/Milla: Supposedly canon pairing. Opposites Attract, right?
    • Clem/Crystal
    • Kochamara/Den Mother: It sort of makes sense. Now, if only they were in the same mind...
    • Jasper/Becky
    • Boyd/Fred: Hey, the portmanteau for the pairing almost sounds like Freud. Anyway I ship this when I'm not busy with Boyd/G-Man. Or...
    • Crispin/Fred
    • Mikhail/Maloof
    • Dart/Benny (blame it on a friend's amazing fanart for it)
    • Bobby/Chloe
  • Portal
    • Space Core/Curiosity Core
    • Wheatley/Nobody. Especially not Chell. I support their friendship, perhaps, but really, I just don't see him being romantic with anybody.
  • Superjail
    • Jared/Cherice
  • Crossover

Favourite Characters:

  • Boyd Cooper of Psychonauts. I am predisposed to like conspiracy theorist characters; I find their fallacies in logic quite hilarious. It's just... nice to see one with a bit more depth. And open to many Epileptic Trees. Cause pretty much everyone thinks the Den Mother represents Boyd's mother now, right?
  • Jeremy Goode of Psychoville. The other characters I'm predisposed to like are the crazy but not visibly crazy people. His hallucinations are fascinating, he's a funny character, and what's more... he's cute. Admit it, you think it too.
  • Wheatley of Portal2. The most lovable moron ever created.

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