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For all intents and purposes, you can either call me Connu, or Minseok. This may or may not be true. What is true?

I prefer to give out as little real life information as I can, because I simply don't like creepers.

Name:(Listed above)


Eye Color: Brown

Neck Size: Double D's

Favorite color when puking: Salmon

Size of earlobe: x^2+ 5x- 37.

Height:Below six feet, and above five feet.

Gender: Girl, but it's up to you, what with all the gals running about. I'd flash my goodies, but...let's not and say we did.

Toenail Color: Pink, because I don't paint my toenails. Too much work.

I'm a fan of some stuff, and a hater of others. The more you get to know me, the more you'll know about me.


  • I'd flash my goodies, but...let's not and say we did.

You made me LOL! Mad props! - Karl Kadaver

Curses, Karl beat me to first vandalism. I shall have to settle for the bitter taste of silver. - Phoenixor

Uhhh... hello. I get bronze. WELCOME NEW PERSON! Inhopelessguy

Always come fourth. Why ? Because I get the CHOCOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE Medal ! :D ~Dhana Ragnarok

Wow. You're like, A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma. Cool. ~That Human.

The faeries commend you on typing out the first part of your page - we would have gone into anaphylactic shock had we tried that. - Stolen By Faeries