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Born in 1995.

Raised and living in Poland, despite all the good reasons to pack his stuff and move west.

Got the nickname somewhere around Junior High and was unable to come up with anything more creative since then.

Had a period that could be referred to as "having absurdly strong opinions on Ed, Edd n Eddy fanworks". It's mostly over, but traces of it can be found in my online presence elsewhere and on the Fanfic Recs page.


The period in question morphed into "having strong opinions on Persona 5's deuteragonist", which resulted in Zwrotnica, a completed For Want of a Nail fic available on ff dot net and AO3. The sequel, Zwrotnica Królewska, is currently ongoing. FF dot net mirror, AO3 mirror. Patiently waiting for the day when someone creates a TvTropes page for those - 'cause if you do it yourself, it doesn't count.

As far as this site goes, he created and expanded a few articles about niche and/or Polish works, if only a little bit: