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It is me, a completely random troper T.T

Most of this page was assembled in approximately 2012ish. It may be horrifically outdated.

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     Tropes that apply to me/you think apply to me 


     Media I like  

Where vandalism was allowed before the forum changed.

- Red link! Shit, gotta fix! ~Neopie

~ What Neo said! Except for the fact that it's not red link for me because Neo posted before I could say anything! -Le Potted Hair

~ Suddenly, you see a kitty flying in the sky and— OOMF! Love, WORLD'S BEST FAG HAG

  • The profound lack of vandalism displeases me, so HERE'S ANOTHER GLOMP.

~ I'm gonna eatchuuuuu.

~ Your name is now Dan-chan. Forever. And this is legit vandalism so don't move it >:]

~Heya Astra :3 - Rainbow Matt

~Ooo, Rory Avatar. I approve!

- Hola, fellow Pokemon playing tanner -Vyctorian

- I used the "random" button and voilá! Your page! I guess you really are random. -Amused Troper Guy


- VANDALIZ'D -Shaggy


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