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Snowy Foxes was one of those upstart teenage writers, but she's twenty now. She found it a little scary at first, but she's doing okay.

Formerly known as snowfoxofdeath. Mysterious technical things went wrong and Snowy Foxes decided that this handle was nicer, so she'll let snowfoxofdeath die. It should be noted that snowfoxofdeath had little interest in telling the truth and many things she said about herself were outright fabrications made for her own amusement. Snowy is a more accurate representation of the person typing these words and she would be happy to bust some myths for you via PM.

This walking, talking Worldwide Punomenon can usually be found semi-lurking in Writer's Block and quietly fixing grammar and tweaking wording on the wiki. She is fond of, inexplicably or otherwise: cute stuffed animals, cute actual animals, wool socks, lolita fashion, procrastinating on homework, working on pieces of long fiction, video games, tea, and oversized sweaters. She is not fond of, inexplicably or otherwise: math, the various inconveniences caused by having ADHD-PI, raw tomatoes, Donald Trump, and the student loan payments looming over her head.

With great difficulty, she balances the responsibilities of a fourth-year media studies major/ journalism minor with the evil temptations of the Internet and its many, many distractions. She also works part-time at the scene shop of her university's playhouse because there's nothing like the smell of sawdust and the buzz of power tools to wake you up in the morning.

Plays violin, piano, and viola and will often brag about the merits of knowing how to read three different clefs.

Is East Asian. Han Chinese, to be specific. Cantonese, to be even more specific. Actually, her ancestors hail from Hong Kong and Guangdong, but she was born in, raised in, and attends university in the California Bay Area.

If you want to call her Cindy, that's cool too.

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