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Hey guys, my name is Amperschwa- and I plan on contributing... things. I compose things and make games and draw. Comics.

I live in America, where else, and am quite subject to the dreaded Idiot Ball. My life is sometimes So Bad Its Horrible and sometimes it's TvTropes Will Ruin Your Life. Why? Because I've only known about this place for a month as of 13 September 09. And I've spent 100 hours browsing. Nix that! 30 November 2009: 350 hours. So Yeah.


Update: 28 March 2010 The comic series is now ended. I've since started up another, one that actually can see the light of day on the Internet.

I'm making a game! It contains instances of Bonus Boss, Nintendo Hard, Dummied Out, Four Is Death + 108 + 13 Is Unlucky (A bosses' HP is 134,108, among other things), The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, That One Boss, That One Sidequest, That One Level, Boss in Mook Clothing, Author Avatar (Protagonist, even), Ragtag Bunch of Misfits (Nine of 'em!), Metal Slime, and Fission Mailed, with a dashing of Guest-Star Party Member, Face–Heel Turn, Heel–Face Turn, Heel–Face Revolving Door, Springtime for Hitler, and Wham Episode. Stay tuned. This is already going to be the best thing ever.