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Trivia / When In Doubt, Blame the Eldar

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  • Meme Acknowledgement: Blackhole 1 is awhare of and has read the tropes page. His reaction amounted to Squee!.
  • Recursive Fanfiction: Has two big examples: one is merely a modified version of the The Shape Of T He Nightmare To Come that incorpates an now insane Black, the other, Age of Iron, is it's own mini-fic. The first one is a set of omakes on Spacebattles, while Age of Iron is posted as a set of omakes to the main thread on Sufficient Velocity.
    • Additionally, the author of the above-mentioned Recursive Fanfiction has also created sveral works of Fan-Art. These include several entries in the Imperial Guardsmen's Uplifting Primer on Black's forces, filled with as much Black Comedy as is present in the canon examples. Originally, they would be followed by another post where several A.I.s loyal to Black would tear apart the entries for their Blatant Lies, but these have died away due to being off topic.

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