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YMMV / When In Doubt, Blame the Eldar

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  • Arc Fatigue: Several readers have admitted that they really wish that Black would find something that lets him leave the 40k universe, because he's spent almost all of the story in it.
    • To elaborate, he's spent 32 chapters in the 40k universe. For reference, Battleship Fusou spent around 50 in the Halo universe. However, Black's chapters are MUCH longer than Fusou's, so he it feels like he's been in the 40k universe for longer.
  • Broken Base: Readers aren't above into arguments over whether or not Black is wrong when he tries applying a 21st century set of morals to the 40k Universe.
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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: At times. While Black does try to make the universe better, the universe seems to try to make all of these efforts pointless. Black is actually aware of this, which is why his main goal is to get out of the 40k universe ASAP.
  • Fanon: It generally assumed that the part of the Emperor that Thomas represents is rationality.
  • Growing the Beard: While all of the chapters before it were of good quality, the events of Chapter 29 really show off the author's writing skills and feature both an epic battle AND an epic verbal smackdown by Black toward the Governor of the Kaurava system. It's telling that some of the posters have noted that they feel the that integrating The Shape of the Nightmare to Come into this story may be difficult, but that Blackhole 1 is certainly capable of it.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • In Chapter 17, the end of the meeting between Orkanis and Sekhareth. For reference, Orkanis is an Eldar Wraithseer from the war in heaven and Sekhareth is the Necron Lord who took his still living(?) wraithbone body as a trophy. Both have more reason than any other being in the entire galaxy to hate each other. And yet...after sharing a few harsh words with each other and bemoaning the fates of their respective species....they make peace with one another. I repeat, AN ELDAR AND A NECRON MADE PEACE WITH EACHOTHER!
    • It gets better: among Black's companions, Sekhareth and Orkanis are the ones who get along the most, which is practically every time they are seen together. In spite of all reason, two beings who should have the most reasons to hate each other are the closest of friends.
  • Moral Event Horizon: In Chpater 23, the priests assigned with the Sisters of Battle convert several settlements into mobs that burn down multiple villages and kill several people in EXTREMELY BRUTAL AND GRAPHIC WAYS. Black ends up adopting Thomas when one such mob kills his entire family. Black proceeds to start looking into ways that he can break the sisters afer this happens. He'd would have liked to kill them, but that would just bring him into conflict with the Ecclesiarchy, which he really doesn't want.
  • What an Idiot!: Caerys's plan, when it is revealed in Chapter 34. She is so obsessed with destroying Black that she tries to get him corrupted by Chaos, in hopes of making him easier to predict or convincing others to help her destroy him. Caerys does this by purposely neglecting to warn Taldeer and company after foreseeing the Scream and the events surrounding it. This results in Taldeer being caught off guard and getting herself possessed by a Slaaneshi daemon. The daemonhost then tries to corrupt Black, and he only manages to get away because of the Atropos device, something that Caerys literally couldn't have foreseen the involvement of due to its very nature. Had things gone according to plan, Chaos would've gained a powerful asset and the souls of four Eldar (five, if we count Orkanis) would have been lost (and that's ignoring the Imperials and Sekhareth). Predicably, there are quite a few characters (Black, Taldeer & co.) who are pissed about this.
    • Fridge Horror: It gets even worse. Thomas was also on board at the time. If Black has been successfully corrupted, we would've also likely gotten another Chaos Primarch as well.
  • The Woobie: Thomas. The boy loses his parents to a crazed mob, ends up rejected by his actual father (the God Emperor of Mankind), and eventually loses his second father figure, Ozman, due to the Scream. Also, according to Word of God, his years on Kaurava weren't kind to him either, as Thomas had to constantly be on guard with hiding his specialness while suffering from crippling anxiety over being condemned as a mutant.
    • Black himself straddles the line between this and Butt-Monkey: while it IS amusing to watch his suffering, at times, he ends up genuinely pitiable.
    • Jerkass Woobie:
      • Taldeer: As much of a smug space elf as she is, you can't help but feel sorry for her when she is possessed by a daemon.
      • Selena Agna: While it is still possible to hate her in Chapter 29, because of the crap the sistes pulled earlier in the story, she becomes pitiable in her interlude, where we see how broken she is, compounded by the events of the chapter, where she loses all of her Sororitas to the Star Father.

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