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Funny / When In Doubt, Blame the Eldar

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  • ANY of the extras made for the Imperial Guardsman's Uplifting Primer.
    • The MEC entry states that the MEC has a range shorter than a Lasgunnote , will easily collapse on uneven terrainnote , claims that it can be easily impaled with a bayonetnote , and is too weak to hurt you with a punchnote .
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    • The Seeker entry states that its grip can be broken easily by a normal guardsmannote , goes down in one hit from a lasgunnote , that you can easily see through it's cloakingnote , and flak-armor will block it's plasma shotsnote .
      • They also leave out that its tentacles have tools that let it cut through POWER ARMOR, though this is probably intentional, as there isn't really a way to word these tools in a non-threatening manner.
      • And how did they find this out? Black used the seekers to strip several Sisters of Battle of their weapons and armor.
  • Orkanis and Sekhareth form an odd pair of Those Two Guys, and are genuinely somewhat friendly with one another. Even better is their complaining, which sounds a lot like two older people complaining about "The kids these days."
  • Taldeer's reaction to meeting Sekhareth: Black notes that he would relish the sight of her being well and truly stunned until the end of his days.
    • Larissa's reaction as well: after overcoming her initial shock, she offers him tea. Sekhareth declines, since he can't actually drink it. The minute he leaves, Larissa has a nervous breakdown.
    • Apparently, Black took pictures of it, too.
  • During the trip to Kaurava, the characters play cards, including the precognitive and telepathic Eldar. Among other things, Black notes that having a perfect poker face (due to being a robot) doesn't help when playing against Eldar, while Kirnov's "perfect anti-telepath defense" apparently involves exploiting Dirty Mind-Reading.
  • Near the end of Chapter 28, Black is explaining the Chaos Gods to Thomas. Naturally, this comes up when Slaanesh is discussed:
    Black: Finally, Slaanesh is the god of pain and pleasure, formed from... things that I'll explain when you're older.
    Thomas: It's about the "murderfucking" thing, isn't it?
    Black: When you're older!

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