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Awesome / When In Doubt, Blame the Eldar

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  • From Chapter 5: Humongous Mecha vs Bloodthirster! Black's mech ends up being ''soundly'' defeated.
  • Chapters 11 and Twelve: Black and General Lucas Alexander team up to save Kaurava from Exterminatus by the Blood Ravens. By the end of the battle, Black has control of the Litany of Fury and Kyras is somewhere in the warp.
  • Orkanis' debut: Fighting the Nightbringer (or at least a shard of the C'Tan). He wins.
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  • Thomas has one in his interlude (Chapter 27), when he gets an impressive burn in on the Emperor.
  • From Chapter 29: Jaegar Mk II vs Living Saint. Unlike the last time Black fought a demonic being, this is an even fight. He manages to be the Saint to pulp before it finally overpowers his Jaeger, which he counters with a Taking You with Me.

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