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Warning: All spoilers for the first four fics are unmarked. Examples from The Charlatan of Choice can be spoiler tagged if deemed necessary.

Trivia Tropes:

  • Accidentally Correct Writing:
    • The series predicted that the Relic of Destruction is a sword and the Relic of Creation is modeled after Atlas's symbol (or the symbol was modeled after it) months before it was revealed in the show.
    • With the publication of After the Fall, the series also predicted a few details from Team CFVY's Volume 2 mission. Namely that CFVY arrives too late to save the town that called for help. note  By the time they reach their destination, the town was already destroyed.
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • The series' portrayal of the Relic of Destruction as a sword and the Kingdom of Atlas' symbol being fashioned after the Relic of Creation predate the reveal that those are the Relics' forms in canon.
    • Just like in Weight of the World, Weiss dons a blue outfit when she returns to Atlas in canon's Volume 7. Even the descriptions are similar, though the fic's Weiss does not have canon Weiss's long gloves.
  • Creator's Pest: Skyleaf admitted she dislikes writing Tyrian so she avoided using him more in the series. He only appears in a major role in The Shattered Soul and shows up a couple times in The Charlatan of Choice before he is killed by France in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Fan Nickname: Ozpinati for Ozpin's group.
  • I Knew It!: Many readers suspected Sun was the personification of Vacuo long before it was revealed due to hints sprinkled throughout the series.
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  • Line to God: The author responds to reviews and answers questions about this series on Archive of Our Own. She also responds to questions through Authors Notes on She used to accept PMs on Fanfiction but turned them off after too many people demanded updates for her other stories.
  • Teasing Creator: The author likes to mess with readers by cheerfully thanking them for their heartbroken reviews and saying something tragic totally isn't going to happen in the future.
    Skyleaf19 (in response to a reviewer saying they are scared to read the next chapter): You should be. *maniacal laugh*
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally America and Canada's time in the Atlas lab was going to be detailed in a prequel. Instead scenes were used as flashbacks in The Depths of Deception because the author feared they would be too dark on their own.
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    • England's brothers (Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) were going to be in the story, with England turning to Wales for magical advice instead of Norway. Contrasts between England's healthy relationship with America and Canada and the unhappy relationship between him and his three brothers would have been shown. The author realized Norway worked better as the magic-user England turned to and scrapped the ideas with the UK brothers.
    • A plotline that would have centered around Blake was planned for The Charlatan of Choice. The author decided to leave it out during the process of writing The Atrocities of Atlas because the plotline would have taken time that should be dedicated to more important story elements. Blake's cold reception was also a factor in its removal. This discarded plotline was revealed to be one where Blake was captured by Adam and the White Fang. The Warden Grimm fight would happen during the attempt to rescue Blake, and she would have died protecting Yang in the same way as she did in the series, making that plot All for Nothing.
    • Chapter thirty-seven of The Charlatan of Choice was going to be called "Seeing Red", but the author changed it when canon gave an episode that title.
    • There was going to be more foreshadowing for Japan's Dream Walker Semblance where he'd appear Pyrrha, Canada, and America's dreams and nightmares in The Depths of Deception.
    • Mantle's Aura was going to be the key to the Vault under Atlas Academy. In this scenario, Ozpin secretly used Mantle's Aura as the lock with everyone (including Mantle) none the wiser. Atlas would discover this when she tried to unlock the Vault and nothing happened.
    • The author thought about having Penny 2.0 die at Salem's hands during the fight where America was captured.
    • The existence of two personifications for Mistral was considered. Neo would always represent Mistral in some way, but she would have represented the less better-off citizens. The other Mistral personification (named "Haven") would represent the rich people who reside in the City of Haven. Haven candidates included: Neptune, Bolin, Arslan, Scarlet, Sage, and Raven.
    • There were thrown out connections between Remnant and Earth where England would research Remnant and discover the two worlds had crossed paths before.
    • A series of flashbacks would reveal Raven was captured and experimented on by Atlas, which is how they created their portals. That is why Raven left her family and gained a new cynical attitude, which was not helped by Ozpin telling her team she was on a secret mission to prevent them from attempting to locate her. That backstory is canon as shown in the scene when Raven thanks America for killing Atlas and Canada realizes what happened to her, but the flashback itself was never implemented into the series.
    • Italy would find out about Canada's Semblance and ask for his memory of Remnant to be erased. Canada would convince him he did not want to do that, probably using America's amnesia in his argument.
    • Tyrian was going to be present in the Transformation Institute. An attack from him would have been what paralyzed Qrow.
    • America's technopathy Semblance would've been amplified by Jaune to temporarily fix the CCT tower and allow the heroes to summon as many Huntsmen as they could to Vale.
    • Remnant's magic was going to be a corrupting force that turned England into something like Salem. America would fight his corrupted twin and older brother at the end.
    • Prussia would go to Atlas with Weiss solely so people could spread rumors that he is an illegitimate Schnee, angering Jacques.
    • An Earth nation would have gone with Blake and Sun to Menagerie, where there'd be more foreshadowing for Sun Wukong and Adam's personificationhood.
    • Blake (a deserter of the White Fang) was going to be executed by Adam during the Fall of Beacon because it is his sworn duty to execute deserters, even her. This would be the event to activate Ruby's Silver Eyes. However, the author was interested in writing the post-Volume 3 conflict between Blake and Yang so Blake lived longer.
    • Watts was going to torture Canada with Salem and Emerald by experimenting on him.
    • Aurora had yellow eyes until the author realized readers may think he is Blake's reincarnation because of that. SkyleafAlchemist19 changed them to a different color in order to prevent that theory from popping up.
    • England and America were going to be together when Vale's Aura was released to the latter. America would have been brought back to Patch and woken before fleeing in a panic because of his lack of memories. The scene included flashbacks of Vale fleeing from Ozpin's men. America would find Neo in the ruins of Vale and be taken to Anima by her.
  • Word of God: At the end of The Atrocities of Atlas, the author made sure to reassure readers that Atlas is dead and gone and will not reincarnate. She states she did that to avoid any ambiguity about the situation. Atlas's Deader Than Dead status is later confirmed in-series in The Charlatan of Choice.
    Skyleaf19: Yes, Atlas is dead. She is NOT reincarnating. I know that might be considered a spoiler but I want to assure you that she is gone.

General Trivia:

  • Sterlyn's name is derived from a German name meaning "of high quality/pure" and refiners of silver.
  • Viorel's name is derived from the Latin word for violet and the Romanian word for the alpine squill flower (scilla bifolia).
  • Ari's name can mean "lion", "eagle", or "sun-like". It also translates to "brave" in Armenian.
  • Mantle's human name is Ákos, meaning white falcon.
  • The name of Italy's weapon, "Thyrus", comes from the Latin inscription "Thyrus et amnis dederunt signa Teramnis" ("Thyrus and the river gave their insignia to Terni"), which has its roots in an Italian folktale about a town besieged by a dragon called Thyrus. The dragon is slain by a brave knight who is tired of the death and destruction caused by the dragon, much like Italy finds his courage and helps slay Salem.


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