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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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    Weight of the World 
  • The grumpy guard at the small town gives America and Canada enough money to get them started and asks for nothing in return.
  • America and Ruby geek out about weapons together and it is freaking adorable. Not only did Ruby find someone else with similar interests to herself, but America hardly blinked when she almost ran into him and proceeded to fumble through the following conversation. Yang implies that other people were put off by Ruby's enthusiasm and mannerisms back in Signal in the past, but Alfred accepted her immediately.
  • Sun and Neptune go talk to Canada simply because they thought he looked lonely and needed some company.
  • Alfred readily welcomes Penny into their friend group because he can see she's lonely. This is despite him knowing she was ordered to watch over him by Ironwood.
  • Weiss's unflinching support of Alfred and Matthew's right to stay at Beacon whether Arthur likes it or not. She even admits the twins are her friends.
  • France tries to protect Blake from Adam despite hardly knowing her. He refuses to run away even when the opportunity arises. He also willing throws himself between Blake and Adam and is stabbed shielding her with his body. Sure, he can't die but still, that's some lengths to go for a mortal he barely knows.
  • The twins', RWBY, JNPR, and Penny's friendship in general. Scenes of them hanging out and having fun are sprinkled throughout the story, though they are TearJerkers in hindsight.
  • Pyrrha immediately notices something is bothering America and drops her normal Extreme Doormat tendencies, insisting she talks to him.
  • Japan gives America the stuffed animal he won from playing games at the Fairgrounds.
  • Canada often calls Pyrrha by the wrong name. He eventually does this intentionally as in inside joke between them and because he can tell it makes Pyrrha happy. It's revealed Pyrrha likes the misnaming because it signified Matthew and Alfred did not recognize her.

     The Shattered Soul 
  • France and England have an exaggerated and hilarious argument to cheer up Ruby and the other exhausted, downtrodden refugees on the airship.
  • Jaune, Ruby, Matthew, and the others defend Pyrrha when the airship crew kick her off the ship and refuse to let them (or Pyrrha herself) blame her for Beacon.
  • Russia stops England from attacking Qrow after America's possible Death of Personality is revealed. He claims to do it so Ruby does not have to see her uncle get pummeled. From the unstable nation, it's a pretty sweet gesture.
  • England gives Ruby advice on how to get used to wearing an eyepatch in his usual gruff manner.
  • He also grumpily pulls her cloak tighter around her to keep out the cold (with similar gruffness). Ruby's adorably perplexed reaction just cinches it.
  • While discussing Emerald, Germany reminds Ruby of her real friends. When Ruby asks if they are friends, Germany gets a tiny little smile and affirms that they are.

     The Depths of Deception 
  • Ruby and Jaune make a promise not to keep secrets from each other. Canada and America make a similar promise. And so far they've kept it. Until Canada didn't.
  • Australia promises to keep America's Semblance a secret from his (Australia's) boss and allows America to tell the others at his own pace. For context, America is a Technopath, that can hack into anything as long as he can touch technology. That makes him one of the most powerful (and dangerous) people on Earth. Yet rather than tell his boss about the potential threat note , Australia chooses to trust America and keeps his Semblance to himself.
  • The quiet and reserved Japan goes out of his way to comfort Pyrrha and tells her that if she ever feels homesick or out of place on Earth, she can come talk to him.
  • Pyrrha pets and talks to Uni despite being unable to see her.
  • The nations attempt to soothe America and make him feel welcome by cooking him food. Though they made a mess their earnestness is delightful.
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, but Russia's sad, nostalgic look when reminded of America's amnesia. It turns out he really does care about America and values his friendship.
    • In a weird way, his willingness to blow up Atlas because of what they did to America is also this.
  • America's sheer joy when England asks him if he wants to talk about magic at a later time. He's like a kid who finally got acknowledgement from their Aloof Older Brother. And this is after days of England rejecting and avoiding him because of Vale.
  • The circumstances are horrific, but America's determination to keep Canada from harm while they are in the lab is absolutely heartmelting. Why does he go to such lengths and put himself in such danger? Simple: because Canada is his brother. It is an incredibly potent motivation when compared to the lofty and sometimes destructive "Save the World" mentality of many other characters.
  • America feels safe enough with England to sleep when he is nearby. It's also one of the few times he sleeps without nightmares.
  • After spending days laying in bed and waiting to die, Canada is pulled out of his funk (and his bed) by Cuba.
  • Romano complains and grumbles the whole time, but he stays with America to support him when he goes to the World Conference and gives him advice on how to make the other nations leave him alone. He kept insisting they needed to hurry up and were going to be late, but he didn't leave America behind. Daaawwww.
  • Finland asks America if he and Pyrrha want to go with the Nordics to lunch. He never presses either of them for answers and (unlike many other nations) its implied he asks without ulterior motives.
  • When America flees, France, Australia, and Romano chase him for miles at Canada and England's behest. Australia and France manage to calm America down enough to get him to return. Then the Atlas soldiers show up.
  • England allows France to hug him when he is upset about Canada's condition.

     The Atrocities of Atlas 
  • Ruby runs around hugging all the returned nations. Even Japan hugs her back, and Italy hugs her tightly enough to lift her feet off the ground.
  • Pyrrha's pride in Jaune when she sees he has grown.
  • Pyrrha's reunion with her father. He embraces her and tells her he is not angry with her about what happened during the Tournament, assuaging her fears.
  • Ren requests information from Italy about Romano and Italy enthusiastically shares stories about his big brother.
  • England comforts Canada (openly) and Weiss (subtly), assuring them there was nothing they could do for Mantle and its people, and the tragedy that befell Mantle is not their fault.
  • In chapter fourteen, for the first time in a very long time, America declares he is a hero.
  • A puffy-eyed Ruby asks England if he wants to have a sleepover note  and he agrees without hesitation because he does not want her to start crying again. It's not like he's worried about her or anything.
  • The nations of Earth, JNPR, and RW_Y immediately accept Sun as Vacuo and voice their support of him. They also assure him they will protect him from Salem, Atlas, and Ozpin. note 
  • Weiss apologizes for leaving Whitley alone with their father and convinces him to leave with her. As Jacques shouts threats at them, Whitley walks away with Weiss and she calmly tells him not to look back and that she's proud of him. They hug before Whitley goes to leave with Klein.
  • Ruby takes a moment to check on Oscar and see how he's coping with their mission in the Institute.
  • America and Australia patiently encourage and assist an injured Faunus prisoner. The man is terrified of being left behind due to his injuries but they gently reassure him they won't leave him.
  • After escaping Atlas, Blake and Yang begin mending their friendship.
  • America, England, and Canada's reunion.

    The Charlatan of Choice 
  • Unlike every previous time when they had a disagreement, England puts his anger and misconceptions aside and refuses to leave America. He also insists that he is going to help him recover.
  • England apologizes for taking advantage of America's amnesia to try to trick him into performing the ritual that would hurt Vale's people.
  • The Faunus that America saved in the Institute was Neon's brother, Blaze. The Katt family greets America like a good friend and genuinely thank him for saving Blaze, calling him a hero.
  • The survivors of the Institute hear RWBY asking the Katt family if they have any games and movies for a "no worries day". They let the team borrow items for their party, with a few offering money to the people who rescued them. The girls accept the games but politely decline the money, appreciating the offer nonetheless.
  • America helps Penny put her hair in a ponytail every morning (except the days he in a deep depression). When he gets enough energy to do something other than lay listlessly in bed, one of the first things he does is ask Penny if she wants him to help her with her hair. She happily says yes.
  • France compliments Penny's culinary skills and offers to teach her how to cook.
  • America forgives Doctor Charon for using him in his vendetta against Ironwood. No one was nearby except Penny, and if they were, no one would have blamed him if he refused to forgive the man that manipulated him. America forgave Charon anyway. When Penny asks why he isn't angry, he says there are better things to hold grudges over.
  • England threatens to destroy Ozpin if he tries to sacrifice England's family, friends, or "those children". England is no longer an Aloof Ally to RWBY and JNPR and has grown to care about them.
  • Raven cares about her family enough to save Qrow from Frontier and Yang from the Ursa Spawner.
  • Even though their relationship is rocky, Ruby calls Raven "Aunt Raven" and Raven doesn't mind.
  • While everyone else reacts to the red-eyed, pale-skinned, Grimm-veined Canada with fear or horror, America runs up to his brother and hugs him without hesitation.
  • Ruby apologizes for what she said to America. He tells her he never blamed her for what she said and encourages her to forgive herself.
  • Penny asks to be America's sister. He, Canada, and England accept her into the family.


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