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  • Schedule Slip: Noru-Da wass infamous for taking a long time to release videos. The last two episodes of the Débile Challenge each stayed a year in the making.
    • While Noru-Da is the most infamous when it comes to being late, Sire Godefroy only released one video on the main channel, even though he stayed one the team for a year and a half.
  • Talking to Himself: Most members do resort to this, either occasionally or regularly.
    • 100Pseudo's reviews are co-hosted by an high-pitched off-screen voice, which is actually his own voice with a higher pitch.
    • Oscar is voiced by Cyrix, and is also his roommate.
    • 123Lunatic is also prone to this whenever he voices both challengers in an Epic Pixel Battle.
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    • Other characters in Neku's videos are usually played by clones of himself, or by a modified version of his own voice talking off-screen.
    • Misterfox played every character in his video about insurance companies.
    • Clones of JStylesMan regularly make appearances in his videos.
    • Several Alert Spoiler characters are either played or voiced by Mickael J himself.
  • What Could Have Been: Noru-Da quit the team and video-making altogether in November 2015, leaving several projects unrealized:
    • After the team read an exceptionally bad fanfic during a livestream, Noru-Da declared that he would produce a video adaptation of it. It was supposed to come out in January 2015, but stayed in Development Hell until his departure, effectively killing any hope of it ever happening.
    • Rémi le Radis was supposed to get a second season, which got pretty far into development. Noru-Da even released a few videos titled Rémi vs the World to serve as filler in-between seasons, but the second season itself never got made.


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