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  • Acting for Two: Played straight normally, but also inverted; Lord English's voice for the dub is accomplished by splicing the voices of three actors: actorsAllusion, wildsycorax, and Betterton.
  • Approval of God: While Hussie himself has never made any comment about the fandub, the dub did grab the attention of one Michael Guy Bowman, who agreed to provide the voice of Hussie before scheduling conflicts forced him to leave.
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  • Creative Differences: According to Alex and Tooch, this was one of the reasons CoLab disbanded. The reality is a little more complicated, as detailed in this blog post from SuperBlueBadger, the ex-kids' narrator.
  • Development Hell: So far, Openbound is going through this, mainly due to the difficulty in editing Kankri's dialogue and animations. The fact that one of the editors' had to get their laptop repaired which ended up erasing several weeks worth of work doesn't help, and neither does the behind-the-scenes drama that caused the rebranding.
  • He Also Did:
    • Tooch, Adox, Devon, and Nicky also have podcasts, which some other members of the group have guest starred on.
      • Devon and Tooch run a mecha-based one titled Mechtrospective.
      • Nicky and Tooch, along with Nicky's sister Nina, do an animation-centric one titled The Toon Goons.
      • Adox does a shipping-themed one titled The Crack Ship.
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    • actorsAllusion and Mr. Biggs have also done work for the Let's Dub Project. The former is even a regular there.
  • Missing Episode: Temporarily. Shortly after the rebrand, The Big D-Pad privatized every dub video from the channel, but Voxus is in the process of reuploading them at a rough schedule of one video a day. And for those fans who were in the middle of watching the series, a full playlist of the episodes is available for those who don't want to wait.
    • On the other hand, depending on whether or not Tooch continues it, Let's Read Problem Sleuth may really become a Missing Episode.
  • The Other Darrin: Some VAs in Let's Read Homestuck have needed to be replaced over the years, as you'd expect from a series with such a large cast and long, regular time commitment.
    • Rose Lalonde was played by rebelAltair until Act 3 part 6, when due to scheduling issues she was replaced by Duckums.
    • Andrew Hussie was originally played by mspa music composer Bowman, but he became busy and less involved in the fandom and the role was taken over by existing member and vocal chameleon Tooch.
    • There is a running joke that the part of Nepeta Leijon is cursed, since the part has been played by three different VAs to date: Bratwurst Trousers, Aza Mack and current VA, Chula.
    • A few roles may require replacement if the project continues, namely the Narrator and Dave. Subverted with Terezi and Eridan, as their voice actors officially are no longer part of the group, but have agreed to continue supplying lines for their characters if the need arises.
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  • Retroactive Recognition: Octopimp, of 50% OFF fame, provides the voice for Eridan.

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