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  • Schedule Slip: Often happens, unfortunately, especially in the more recent adventures, due to the large amount of CGI work that must be done as well as other complications in Craig's real life. The current Dinosaur Winter Games adventure, for example, has been going on ever since February 2010. It is now on official hiatus.
  • Science Marches On:
    • This educational video filmed during (the real-life) Traum's Tyrrell days back in 2006 was cutting edge at the time, but now shows its age.
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    • The Leaellynasaura have a generic ornithopod design, but new research shows that they may have been much, much weirder.
    • Lance the Lambeosaur's large size was probably based on Magnapaulia, formerly considered a species of Lambeosaurus.
    • In a way subverted, as Craig can update character designs as Art Evolution takes place.
    • Samson Spinosaurus should have shorter hindlegs and a kink in his sail, according to the 2014 discovery.
  • Series Hiatus: Unfortunately, in spite of Traum's and Craig's best efforts, there hasn't been any new blog posts since February 2011. An official hiatus was announced in April 2011 to allow Craig to work on his other projects.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Craig is both himself and Traum's voice in Traumador's videos.
    • Craig also plays Professor Paradigm in the photographs. As it turns out, Paradigm was meant to be a future Craig, but the Series Hiatus kicked in before that revelation could be made.
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  • What Could Have Been: Correspondence with Craig has revealed many of his original plans for future directions of the storyline. The Crate would have turned out to contain a time travel device invented by Zendin, who had been captured and tortured by the Pack to force him into working for them. After rescuing Zendin, Traumador would have been joined by Dip, Boom, and Rang in New Zealand. They would have gotten involved in tracking the cryptid Taniwhasaurus and would have had to team up with Agent Hamilton (who Craig would have been working for) to save it from the mayor, who would have wanted it killed. It would have also been during this arc that Traumador confirmed that Vivus fossils were magically created.

    The next arc would have had the Pack (a faction of which would have been led by Traumador's to-be revealed brother, Dismalious) ally with the Germ Man while Traumador discovered that the maze he lived next to was really an ancient Maori artifact with mystical powers that would have allowed him to time travel. Due to the Germ Man's interference, Traumador would have ended up getting trapped in the Early Jurassic, where he would have met an Action Girl Dilophosaurus who would have joined his group of friends. The climax of the arc would have seen Whiro return and choose the Germ Man as his champion, creating havoc in Dunedin.

    After the day was saved, Traumador would have created a "Vivuseum" (a sanctuary for Vivus dinosaurs) and several new characters would have been introduced, including a Spinosaurus, who would be Traumador's rival for Lillian's affection, and a villainous owner of an antiquity corporation who would have wanted to own all ancient things. Traumador and Lillian would have gotten together and had eggs, which the Pack would have kidnapped in attempt to persuade Lillian to join them, leading to a war between Vivus dinosaurs.note  At the end of the war, Paradigm would have discovered Traumador's mother's skull, revealing her to have been the founder of the Pack. Traumador would have assumed leadership of the Pack, converting it into a force for good and leading it into a big showdown with the antiquity corporation. In addition, it would have been revealed that Paradigm was in fact an older Craig who had gotten lost in a time travel mishap.
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  • Write Who You Know: Craig is the real mastermind behind the blog. Nearly all the humans who appear are friends of his or Special Guests. Traumador himself is a puppet owned by Craig that he used as an educational prop of sorts while he was working at the Tyrrell Museum. Professor Paradigm was also an educational character there. Lillian is the Albertosaurus statue that used to be at the museum.