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Vivus dinosaur population is rapidly growing and one day they will overtake humanity.
Their has been no hint of vivus-dinosaurs before 1978 and even then it was only the devil dinosaur who is one of Traumador's childhood idols yet we have been seeing more and more new vivus-dinos as the blog progresses. Their has been plenty of hints of new dino's hatching and very little deaths throughout the blog.

The mysterious object in the Crate is Traumador's mother's skull.
From earlier in the blog:"with this rather deep quarry there was constant danger of the cliff collapsing on the dig team, and with the majority of her body safely removed dr. currie reluctantly had to leave mom's head in the side of the hill. his worries proved correct as a few years later the quarry did slump, and had anyone been digging there they'd have been buried along with my mom's head!"

Larry knew where the site was, and it would have been very important to the Pack of the Primordial Feather. They needed the resources of a paleontology museum to handle the object as well. What could it be besides a fossil of some kind, and a big one judging by the size of the crate? Moreover, Ruffled Feather claimed the crate contained the thing most important to Traumador, who was really distressed to the point of a Heroic BSoD upon seeing what was inside.

  • Private correspondence with Craig has revealed the answer: The Crate contained a time travel device the Pack intended to use for world domination. However, Traumador's mother's skull would eventually come into play way down the road, its discovery revealing that she was the original founder of the Pack, leading to Traumador claiming the Pack's leadership and converting it into a force for good.

Zendin the Troodon is Ruffled Feather.
He/she has to be a coelurosaur of some kind, and one that both cares about Traumador enough to risk defying the Pack and knows enough about his past to know that whatever's in the crate is very important to him. Zendin, Traumador's childhood friend, fits both criteria.
  • Surprisingly, Jossed by Word of God. I made the same guess in the blog comments when Ruffled Feather was introduced, only for Craig to announce that no one had correctly figured out how Zendin would be returning to the storyline.
  • Private correspondence with Craig reveals that Ruffled Feather was the therizinosaur matriarch, who would put on the facade of being anti-Traumador in person. Zendin would be revealed to have been captured and tortured into helping the Pack create their time machine, and would later be rescued by Traumador.

One of the characters is a puppet.
Probably Craig.