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Trivia / The Spy Next Door

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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Scenes of other Jackie Chan films are shown at the start, and Jackie makes a reference to his real life career in which he states he was an orphan living with non-blood "brothers" who stuck up to each other. In truth, not an orphan but was left at an academy of opera by his parents for 10 years. Not to mention, at one brief scene a DVD copy of Rush Hour is seen.
    • The name "Chon Wang" from Shanghai Noon was intended to sound like Western icon John Wayne - now Jackie stars in a comedy as "Bob Ho".
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    • Billy Ray Cyrus brings with him Hannah Montana-level Malapropers.
    "He's as gone as the rum cake at an AA meeting!"
  • Creator Killer: This shut the door on the cinematic career of Brian Levant after the director had a string of commercially successful films which also were all disdained by critics. He has only focused on Direct to Video films since.
  • Fake Russian: Magnús Scheving is Icelandic but his character is Russian.

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