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Trivia / The Lion King: Six New Adventures

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  • "Common Knowledge": Whether this has been mixed up with fanon or not, Ahadi did not scar Scar — he gave him his iconic nickname as punishment for attempting Mufasa's life where he received his scar from a buffalo.
  • God Never Said That: Some fans seem to believe that the books are/were canon, even after it was officially stated as not when Simba's Pride came out, resulting in some rather heavy backlash towards The Lion Guard for "retconning" areas that the books had also covered.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The books are commonly sought after by Lion King fans but haven't been rereleased and are unlikely to be due to their canon discrepancies.
  • No Export for You: Though most comics are European-exclusive, the books weren't released outside of America.

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