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Trivia / The Hollywood Knights

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  • Billing Displacement: Current DVD covers for the film emphasize Danza and Pfeiffer, and usually exclude lead actor Robert Wuhl. Averted in the opening credits of the movie itself, where Wuhl does indeed get top billing.
  • The Danza: Two of them, neither of whom is Tony Danza, ironically.
    • Dawn, the blonde Newbomb photographs sunbathing nude, is played by actress Dawn Clark.
    • Moosie, the skateboarding kid, is played by actor Moosie Drier.
  • Dawson Casting: Robert Wuhl, Tony Danza and Stuart Pankin all played teenage characters, although Wuhl and Danza were both in their late twenties, and Pankin was 33 years old.


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