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Trivia / The Count of Monte Cristo

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The novel

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    • In The Shawshank Redemption, Heywood misreads "Cristo" as "Crisco" and "Dumas" as "Dumbass", which prompts the other inmates to laugh at him. Andy then corrects him and mentions how it's about a prison break, which acts as Foreshadowing for his later escape from Shawshank.
    • In Operation Montecristo, the sixteenth album of the comic book series XIII, a watch necessary to find a treasure is hidden in the church of a village named Montecristo. This village now lies beneath a lake. This is a reference to the treasure hidden on Monte Cristo island.
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    • Garfield and Friends: In the U.S. Acres segment, "The Discount of Monte Cristo", Orson attempts to tell the story of The Count of Monte Cristo to Roy and Wade, but his cousin Aloysius is hired to keep him from going over the show's budget. Among the cuts Aloysius makes are firing the orchestra for Orson's musical number, firing the actors playing the bit characters (and having Roy and Wade take their places), using the same backgrounds for Edmond Dantes' jail cell and that of the prisoner next door, and having the backgrounds be uncolored.
  • Tourist Bump: The book is the reason why the Chateau d'If, otherwise a random old prison in the south of France, is popular with tourists.


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