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Awesome / The Count of Monte Cristo

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The novel

  • Any of the scenes where Dantes reveals himself to his enemies after destroying them.
    • "One!"
  • Prettyboy turned villain Benedetto's death sentencing. Essentially, he reveals, in court, that he is the son the judge (Villefort) attempted to bury alive at birth. This is struck down by the other members of court, who even excuse Villefort's stupefied reaction, however, it does nothing to stop the villain's descent into what can only be described as insanity.
  • "Madame, where do you keep the poison that you habitually use?"
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  • Monsieur Noirtier. Just sort of generally. Highlights include saving his granddaughter from an unhappy marriage by informing the groom who killed his royalist father years ago; him, of course, in an epic duel, figuring out not only that the household was being poisoned, but also the method by which he could ensure that Valentine would be immune and other such feats of badassery. All while being paralysed from the nose down.


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