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After the book ended, Haydee and the Count travelled to Janina to depose Koorshid.
  • Because it would be awesome.
    • That would be awesome.

The Count and Javert are the same person.
Their character traits are so similar, it's almost eerie. Their back stories have a few similarities, and they both have dramatic breakdowns. And Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo were friends, so it's actually possible that one character might possibly have influenced the other.

  • Impossible since it's said in the musical (and also implied in the book) that Jarvet was BORN in prison. The Count wasn't born in the prison.
    • The Count was born in prison. Edmond Dantes "died" there, leaving The Count in his place.

  • Given Javert's Black and White Insanity level of devotion to the law, and how cheerfully the Count breaks laws to serve his own ends, they'd at best be foils to each other.

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