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After the book ended, Haydee and the Count travelled to Janina to depose Koorshid.
  • Because it would be awesome.
    • That would be awesome.

The Count and Javert are the same person.
Their character traits are so similar, it's almost eerie. Their back stories have a few similarities, and they both have dramatic breakdowns. And Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo were friends, so it's actually possible that one character might possibly have influenced the other.

  • Impossible since it's said in the musical (and also implied in the book) that Jarvet was BORN in prison. The Count wasn't born in the prison.
    • The Count was born in prison. Edmond Dantes "died" there, leaving The Count in his place.

  • Given Javert's Black-and-White Insanity level of devotion to the law, and how cheerfully the Count breaks laws to serve his own ends, they'd at best be foils to each other.