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  • Creator Backlash: Peter David was not exactly restrained when venting his frustration about Paramount's Executive Meddling, even publicly criticizing their interference in the book's own letters page.
  • Executive Meddling: Infamously so. Paramount, and to a lesser extent Gene Roddenberry, were quite heavy-handed in dictating characters and storylines. One reason the first volume was ended was to allow a retool of the series to eliminate everyone other than the classic crew from the main cast. Therefore all of the characters created for the book, along with Arex and M'Ress, were removed from the book. R.J. Blaise was also ordered to be dropped in volume two, with Roddenberry stating that Kirk wasn't interested in romance at the time. The interference from Roddenberry and the Studio, which he felt was often personal, became so bad that it was one of the reasons Peter David left the book after issue 19 of the second volume.
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  • What Could Have Been: R.J. Blaise was intended to stick around as a regular and ongoing love interest for Kirk, with an extended arc centering around their relationship. However as noted above Roddenberry personally ordered her removal of the book, citing that Kirk wasn't currently interested in romance. Although Blaise appeared in issue 13, which began a new story arc, she was subsequently dropped without an in-story explanation given (writer Peter David explained the situation in the letters page).
  • Written by Cast Member: Not surprisingly, the examples below spotlight the character portrayed by the cast member writing the story.
    • Vol 1 issue #19, "Chekov's Choice", was a story by Walter Koenig.
    • Vol 2 Annual #1, "So Near The Touch," was a story by George Takei.

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