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Trivia / Spider-Man 2099

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  • Named After Somebody Famous: Peter David, co-creator of Spider-Man 2099, named him after his friend, voice actor Miguel Ferrer.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Evidence shows that Goblin 2099 was not originally intended to be Gabriel O'Hara but instead Father Jennifer, Dana's sister. The 2014 series pulls Canon Discontinuity on the Gabriel reveal and subsequent impostor retcon, and uses Jennifer.
    • Likewise, instead of Avatarr, an alien killed by Doom during his tenure as ruler of America, the CEO of Alchemax, was planned to be an older Peter Parker himself; this was foreshadowed by the CEO claiming he knew Spider-Man well, which naturally he would if he was Peter himself and used in Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Unlike the whole Jennifer being the Goblin, this was revised to be a Skrull impersonating J. Jonah Jameson in the revival series.
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    • The critically panned Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon was originally going to be an adaptation of Spider-Man 2099, traces of the original draft remain, with the Cyberpunk world, and Peter's haircut, which resembles Miguel's.
    • Thanatos was originally going to be Aaron Delgado's corpse, animated by the soul of a character from the Age of Heroes. (And before that, he was going to be the Venom symbiote, who had evolved in the last century, using Delgado's corpse as a host. Peter David eventually introduced a more conventional Venom later on.) When Peter David eventually picked the story up in Capatain Marvel a decade later, he left out the part about Aaron Delgado's body and just made Thanatos Rick Jones.