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  • Complete Monster: Vulture 2099 is one of the vilest of villains Spidey had to face in the 2099 era. After saving Spider-Man from members of the Public Eye, Vulture offers Spider-Man membership in his gang, the Freakers. However Spider-Man soon discovers that the Vulture is a cannibal. Vulture killed the Public Eye officers chasing Spider-Man and cooked them up for dinner. Disgusted, Spider-Man refuses to join the Vulture's gang and Vulture attacks him. While Spider-Man is fighting Vulture, Spider-Man discovers Vulture's meat locker, containing several corpses on meat hooks that Vulture intended to eat later. After his initial defeat Vulture later returned and convinced a group of Thorites, a group that worships Thor to have a Spiderite, a group that worships Spider-Man burned alive. In his last appearance, Vulture discovers that Spider-Man is Miguel O'Hara and attempts to murder one of his friends. After Spider-Man foils Vulture, he sets off several bombs at the Alchemax building—Miguel is a high-level employee at Alchemax—intending to destroy it and not caring how many civilians are in the building.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight - With a hint of irony. During his early Spider-Man works, Spider-Man 2099 writer Peter David, working on the advice of fellow writers and editorsnote  "revealed" that Ned Leeds was the original Hobgoblin—which several fans thought was questionable given how Leeds died and the original Hobgoblin mystery writer, Roger Stern, came back and revealed that it wasn't the case. David had intended Father Jennifer to be the (Green) Goblin 2099, but it was revealed that Gabriel O'Hara was Goblin 2099 (though this was later retconned to be an imposter). Someone had to appreciate the irony, even if (as the link shows) David himself doesn't. And much like Stern with Roderick Kingsley, Peter David did ultimately reveal that Jennifer was indeed the Goblin.
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  • Fanon Discontinuity: The Marvel Comics Database wiki does not consider the Miguel O'Hara introduced in 2013 to be the same character as the Miguel O'Hara of Volume 1, labelling the 2099 seen in Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Verse "Earth-TRN588" to distinguish between it and Earth-928. The reason for this is discrepancies arising from Peter David disregarding everything that happened in Volume 1 after he'd left, though Marvel maintains that all the versions of 2099 are Earth-928 except for the one introduced in Secret Wars (2015), which was labelled Earth-23291.


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