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Original Comic

  • In the fourth issue of the original series, Lyla offers to give Tyler Stone some refreshments, resulting in a darkly hilarious example of Literal-Minded.
    Lyla: Miguel has repeatedly stated that you like to suck the blood of widows and orphans. There's none in the fridge, but perhaps some coffee...?
  • The 17th issue has Miguel respond to Bloodsword renaming himself as Bloodhammer with the perfect quip.
    Miguel: I thought it was "Bloodsword"...or just B.S. for short.

Other appearances in media

  • The entirety of the stinger of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Miguel uses his Goober...I mean Gizmo, to jump to Earth 67, where he recreates the famous Spider-Man double meme with Classic Spidey, and the two proceed to get into a squabble over who pointed first. Even a Police Officer and Classic Jameson get into it!
    Classic Spidey: Whoa! What the —?
    Miguel: I'm Spider-Man. I need you to come with me.
    Classic Spidey: Who the heck are you?
    Miguel: I — I just told you! Listen, listen: I'm from the future.
    Classic Spidey: How dare you point at me?
    Miguel: You — you were pointing first!
    Classic Spidey: It's rude to point!
    Miguel: You're being very rude! You're not even believing what I'm saying, you're saying I'm not who I say I am when I tell you who I am —
    Police Officer: Which one pointed first?
    Jameson: Spider-Man pointed first, obviously!
    Miguel:You're pointing at me right now, as you say that! Look at you! Look at your finger! Look at your finger right now! What you're doing! You're pointing! YOU'RE ACCUSING ME OF POINTING WHILE YOU'RE—!
    Classic Spidey: [at the same time] Yes, because you are pointing! I'm just pointing at your pointing, which is different than normal pointing! You haven't seen pointing until I'm through with you, and then you'll know

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