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  • Recycled Script: Both the trained pigeons gag and Daffy's exploding routine are borrowed from the 1949 cartoon "Curtain Razor", also directed by Freleng. The famous Xylophone Gag has also been used several times before, starting with the Private Snafu short "Booby Traps" and continuing with "Ballot Box Bunny". However, the other examples used a piano (or, in the case of the latter, a "PIE-ano").
  • What Could Have Been: The commentary track on the second Golden Collection revealed different musical arrangements for "Tea For Two" and "Jeepers Creepers", and one song, "The Daughter of Rosie O' Grady" (which was supposed to play during the trained pigeons scene), was cut from the cartoon entirely (in its place was a sound-alike to "Three Jolly Brothers").


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