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Trivia / Red Dwarf Season III Marooned

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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Both Chris Barrie and Craig Charles named this among their favourite episodes. Charles even stated that it would work well as a stage play.
  • Deleted Scene: The original opening scene was immediately before the crew abandon ship, and was cut due to both time constraints and effects issues. In the cut scene, Cat, Lister and Kryten are playing strip poker. Cat is winning, since he is wearing hundreds of different fashion items, silk handkerchiefs etc. Lister is down to his boxers, having put his gold tooth cap in. Kryten is losing having removed his black outer plastic casing, revealing the fleshy-colored part underneath. Kryten ends up removing his head and one of his hands and puts them in on the table, although the headless Kryten effect was never perfected (it would later be done successfully in "Beyond a Joke"). Holly then interrupts the poker game, struggles to remember her important announcement, then eventually tells them to abandon ship due to the approaching Black Holes.
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  • Easter Egg: The Series III and Just The Shows releases of the episode include an extra model shot after the credits, explained below.
  • Same Content, Different Rating: When "Marooned" was originally certified by the BBFC for the VHS release in 1991, it was given a 15 certificate due to the discussion of Lister losing his virginity. By the time it came to do the DVD release in 2003, standards had relaxed and the episode would be given a 12 certificate by the new standards. This was particularly desirable as it was the only 15-rated episode of Red Dwarf at the time, and if it was recertified they would be able to give the whole release a lower certificate. However, the BBFC could not certify the same work twice if nothing about it had changed, even if it was now eligible for a lower certificate. To get around this, they added an unused model shot to the end of the credits, and resubmitted it as "Marooned Extended". This was a sufficient enough change for it to be considered a different work and get the lower rating. Amusingly, the Series I-VIII blu-ray set is rated 15 due to using the 'unaltered' version of the episode, but includes the extra model shot as an option in a menu of DVD easter eggs.
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  • What Could Have Been: This episode was originally written as taking place aboard White Midget, which became Starbug when the model team pointed out that a white ship would have blended into the snowy scenery too much.
  • Working Title: Men of Honour.