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Trivia / Red Dwarf Season III Bodyswap

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  • Blooper: Lister's line "How else am I supposed to pilot White Midget?" is a left-over from earlier in the development of the third season, when Starbug was a white-coloured larger variant of Blue Midget. The location footage for Bodyswap was filmed first, and presumably before the change to Starbug occurred.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • The full version of Rimmer trying to persuade Lister to bodyswap was heavily cut down when it became clear that the audience were already ahead of the story. Rimmer guilt trips him and uses reverse psychology saying that he doesn't have the ambition to go to the gym, but Rimmer would.
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    • A scene which continues Rimmer's indulgence and Lister's worry, and extended dialogue with the two actors copying each other. This includes Rimmer smoking cigars, feeling pains in his chest, and drinking fattening egg-nog and eating giant cream cakes - which Rimmer smears all over Lister's face.
    • Another scene which continues to illustrate Rimmer's developing gluttony, as he helps himself to giant pies in a fridge Lister has signed with "no eating".
    • It is followed by a quick deleted line regarding Lister's tooth, which Lister says has a cavity that is filled with at least three meals.
    • A scene was taped in which Kryten lights Rimmer-as-Lister's cigar with his finger while they are in a sauna. During filming, Robert Llewellyn became so sweaty in his costume that his sweat short-circuited the wires used for the lighter and he was mildly shocked.
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  • Throw It In: Danny John-Jules ad-libbed the gag of Cat dropping the tape containing Lister's mind into his tea.
  • Uncredited Role: Lia Williams was credited for providing the voice of Carole Brown in the Radio Times, but not on the episode itself.