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  • California Doubling: The show seems to be set somewhere in Washington state; the license plates are Washington, there's numerous references to Seattle, the Space Needle is mentioned at one point, and John talks about putting up his Seahawks posters. However, it was filmed in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Cult Classic: While the series was canceled before it could receive a third season (with a comic book continuation that has yet to be published), it developed a loyal following during its original run.
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  • Executive Meddling: The hyper-formulaic episodes that took up the first half of the first season were all mandated by higher ups, who were apparently worried that audiences wouldn't get the point.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Ben's grandmother is played by a different actress in season two.
    • Sock's mother's husband, Morris from season 1 to season 2.
  • The Other Marty: Nikki Reed played Andi in the pilot.
  • Word of God: The creators have told us what the big plan was for the show. John really was Sam's dad. He was originally a demon who fell for Linda (the "sickness" he came down with was love) and made a deal with Satan to be turned into a human. However, the Prince of Darkness couldn't transform him completely, which is why John couldn't die. One of the conditions of the deal was that he could never allow Sam to learn the truth, hence why he burned the pages of Sam's contract referencing who his father was. As the son of a demon and a human, Sam was a candidate for the Antichrist, but he also has the potential to destroy the Devil, which is why Satan keeps him close: He's trying to influence Sam to become evil, thus guaranteeing that he becomes the Anti-Christ. Meanwhile, God was planning to have Sam remain close to the Devil, ensuring that he could gain his trust and stay close enough to destroy him, which explains Steve's actions in the series finale and his comments that they're for the "greater good".


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