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  • Completely Different Title: In Japan, the film is titled "ZOMBIO/死霊のしたたり" (the subtitle translates to "Drifting Spirits"). The sequel dropped the "Zombio" title though.
  • Development Hell: The long-awaited fourth installment, House of Re-Animator, where Dr. West is called on when the president dies, co-starring William H. Macy!
  • Money, Dear Boy: The original short stories. Lovecraft never really liked his Re-animator stories and wrote them only because he got five dollars per installment.
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  • Name's the Same: Dr. Gruber's first name according to Dr. Hansley is Hans. Hans Gruber.
  • Typecasting: Herbert West was one of Jeffrey Combs' first lead roles, which is why almost everything he's done since, with some notable exceptions, has been Horror, and mostly Lovecraftian Horror, at that.
  • What Could Have Been: There have been rumors of a fourth movie entitled House of Re-Animator which has been denied by Jeffrey Combs on numerous occasions. The movie would involve Herbert West moving into the White House and reanimating the deceased vice president. Stuart Gordon has stated that while he did originally intend to create this film, he saw no need for a political satire after the end of the Bush administration. The planned film gets referenced at the end of the crossover with Hack/Slash, where West takes an emergency call from the White House.
    • Brian Yuzna has also planned two other sequels: Re-Animator Unbound! and Re-Animator Begins. The former involves West working in a war zone and coming across the Old Ones. The latter involves West losing his memory after his encounter with the Old Ones, reproducing his earliest experiments, and falling in love with a woman. We also see a flashback to West's childhood. But like House, these seem to be on the back-burner.
    • A Younger and Hipper, Hotter and Sexier television series was proposed, but nothing came of it. Read about it here and here.
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  • When David Gale's wife first saw the infamous "giving head" scene, she stormed out shouting "David, how could you?!" This has been confirmed by Stuart Gordon.

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