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Trivia / Partially Kissed Hero

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  • Creator Breakdown: Obviously just a temporary and minor one, and Lionheart seems to have recovered admirably, but people who previously didn’t have anything in particular against him found it quite disturbing to read a farewell message that sounded as though he wanted to condemn anybody who had ever disagreed with him about some story to eternal torture, in archaic speech, no less. Of course, some of his former acquaintances apparently had such a reverse-scaled focus in their counter-reaction that... it depends whether you like him or hate him, really. Note that he has a history of regarding all criticism, even friendly and constructive advice, as proof that he is being persecuted by a cadre of people who hate his work, and regularly responds with a Creator Breakdown and a “permanent” departure from the Net. Since he first appeared in the anime fanfic community in the middle ’90s, he’s left the Internet in a huff at least four times.
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  • Fan Nickname: For a given value of "fan", at least - Das Sporking nicknamed this fic's version of Harry "Harrymort".

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