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  • Actor Allusion: Plenty of them throughout the story:
    • Timmy and Ember face each other on the train; both are voiced by Tara Strong.
    • Lynn, who on her show is voiced by Jessica Dicicco, was in her family’s car trying to catch a fly.
    • Lola calling Sam "Vampire Catwoman" references how all of them are Grey Delisle characters. Jenny then brings up the events of her being sent to preschool after stopping Lana and Lola from fighting. Their VA, who is also Delisle, played the teacher and the "She said the S-Word!" student in that episode.
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    • Plankton names his giant Jellyfish (who is a possessed fairy) Lawrence.
    • In Part II, Leni questions why Lori would call her boyfriend Bobby "num nums".
    • Squidward and Professor Membrane have an intellectual conversation at one point in 2; both characters are voiced by Rodger Bumpass.
  • Development Gag: The superhero scene in chapter 2 was an homage to an idea for a superhero one shot.
  • What Could Have Been: The original "trailers" the author wrote had many details that were cut out from the finished story:
    • El Tigre was supposed to be the one of the heroes of the story. The author cut his role out, feeling that he'd fit better for a sequel. Now, the hero has been confirmed for Part II.
    • Even though Jenny Wakeman is still in the story, Queen Vexus was supposed to be a fifth villain to the Syndicate. Just like Manny, her role was cut out for being better suited for a sequel.
    • The Cluster itself played a bigger role in the original story. They were even the main enemies the characters would've fought in the supposed climax. Though now, the Clusters have a bigger role in the story, as they lock up the main heroes in their prison.
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    • Originally, the Loud sisters had an entire part where they were kidnapped to Cluster Prime, forced to be gladiators, and escaped via spaceship. The author cut this scene out, believing it to be too ridiculous. It was later reworked for Part 2, with Vega, Brad, Sheldon, Tuck, and a surprise appearance by Invader Tenn joining the sisters
    • In the Cluster Prime side plot originally there was a Cluster OC that was supposed to help the girls. He was cut and replaced with Vega and Invader Tenn.
    • Also for the sequel, ChalkZone Characters were supposed to appear but were cut.
    • Originally this story was supposed to be about Cartoon Network characters, but it took ''The Loud House to actually get the story rolling.
    • Vicky was supposed to be the villain for Part 2 but was cut.
    • SpongeBob would've used the Alaskan Bull Worm in the climax of Part One.
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    • Lily has a bigger role in Part I, and would've been found in the woods by wolves, who would've that took care of her.
    • Plankton would've been kicked out of the Syndicate, and then use Jimmy's shrink ray (which Carl dropped), for revenge, by turning large and destroying the beam. Then Mr. Krabs would've turned large too, resulting in a battle of the two.
    • The Hey Arnold! universe was supposed to be in it, as what the writer describes as the characters' little "break" moment.
    • The sisters were supposed to be possessed by Vicky's magic, except Lucy, who's dark mind would've prevented her possession. Then, near the climax, Vicky uses the sisters to beat up Lincoln, and Lucy's the one to do it, yet she still wouldn’t have been possessed. The entire plot was taken out, since the writer wanted the sisters to have a bigger role.
  • Word of God: The story is a reboot of the original Nicktoons Unite!, with the sequels being considered non-canon.

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