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  • Lincoln, now taking a level in badass in the story gets loads of these moments, but the most notable one is getting the idea to blow up an entire Cluster ship, and SUCCEEDING.
    • The fact that he actually withstood Spectra's trance.
  • Calamitous' Calami-Bot is now upgraded, resembling Tony Stark's armor, with new weapons that can form from its hand.
    • The fact that he was willing to take on JENNY. Heck, the entire fight between the two is this.
  • Lynn, now becoming a One-Man Army, gets loads of these moments. Taking on the ghosts outside of the Fenton Ghost Shield, and teaming up with Jenny, after she quits her rivalry, to beat them all.
  • Spongebob destroying evil trees to protect the team.
  • Lincoln making the plan to save the nicktoons and even some of his sisters come along.
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  • The name of the chapters staring from 47 Nicktoons Unite
  • Luan tricking most of the prisoners in chapter 48.
    • Then she actually withstands Spectra.
    I just have two words before I give up comedy forever: GET IT?!
  • Lola beating up Spectra and Bertram OFFSCREEN.
  • Luna beating Ember with her own music!
  • Lincoln finally becoming a Nicktoon in chapter 55

Rise of the Cluster

  • Vexus actually capturing and brainwashing Danny
  • The heroes (Except Jimmy, Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, Goddard and Lily since they went to retroville with Ronnie's family.) Getting ready to fight the cluster drones.
  • Skooge and Minimoose fighting Smytus and WINNING, especially considering Skooge is still the Butt-Monkey of the Irken empire in the story's universe.
  • Spongebob's massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the ENTIRE TEAM.
  • The short, Super Nick Heroes, has a few moments.
    • The main four and Lincoln and later Carl, Sheen, and Patrick becoming superheroes is one, and defeating the Nega Chin and his cohorts.
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    • At the end of the superheroes short, The Crimson Chin, Ace Savvy, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (The younger ones,) and by Sheen's request, Ultra Lord were about to have a battle royale.
  • Sort of a subtle one but Zim, Dib, Tenn and Skooge being the only ones surviving april fools from Laun is satisfying due to how the 4's luck is in their own series.

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