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  • The Cast Showoff: Is also a rapper. See "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune.
  • Fan Nickname: Before being established as the foundation for what later became the Beat Down Clan, the trio of MVP, Lashley and King had garnered names with traction such as "Black Evolution", "The Nation of Evolution", and the "MLK Alliance". For what it's worth, MVP made it clear on Twitter that he had no interest in making the three men's race the main focus of their motivations, but when approached with the last option he found it much more appealing than the previous two as it cleverly played to their names as opposed to adding "TNA copies WWE lol" on top of the racial connotations.
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  • Old Shame: His gang tattoos and his time in prison, for obvious reasons.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot
    • Being an ex-con limits some of his travel options.
    • His second theme is a reference to his work in the music industry. Likewise his TNA theme is a nod to his return there as well as his time in Japan.
    • MVP was supposed to get beat up by Evander Holyfield but his role was reduced on the show because he was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a heart condition. So instead it was made to look like he suckered face Matt Hardy into a boxing match he had no business in.
    • His Face–Heel Turn in TNA had him likely poised to take the World Title from Eric Young and become the mega-tyrannical heel boss/champion, but then he blew out his knee. Slammiversary was promptly rebooked as a straightforward wrestling show, and the following Impact saw MVP essentially sacrifice his power over wrestling operations by blatantly abusing it to get Lashley the world title. Lampshaded by Dixie Carter in a promo the week after.
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    • Every single member of the Beat Down Clan was either part of a backstage foursome who fancied themselves "Professional Wrestling's Wu-Tang" (MVP, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Homicide) or already a real-life friend or associate of at least one of the four (Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, Hernandez).
  • Real Song Theme Tune: In the Florida indies, he used Ludacris' "Get Back" and "Move Bitch."

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