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Trivia / Mission to Mars

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  • Box Office Bomb: Barely averted. Depending on sources, the final profit was anywhere between 100 thousand dollars to 2 million. Which with a budget of 100 million still looks bad.
  • Dueling Movies: Red Planet was released in the same year, with a little better polish in the science of the film, and Ghosts of Mars was released the following year. This film made double the combined box-office that those films did, and was also the best-reviewed, though that really isn't saying a whole lot.
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  • Science Marches On: The Face on Mars at Cydonia was shown in later, less blurry, photos to actually have almost no resemblance to a human face whatsoever.
  • Some of the props and part of the spaceship set are now on the Mission: SPACE attraction at EPCOT Center in Florida (with the attraction's opening film starring Gary Sinise, to boot).
    • Gary's gone with the last refurb, sadly.
  • There's a Hidden Mickey (albeit accidental) in the scene where Mars II shuttle approaches Mars.

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