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  • Nick's attempts at flirting during the goodbye party, emphasis on "attempts".
    Nick: (second attempt at flirting with a pretty woman) So lonesome, so cold.
    Luke: So lame, Nick.
  • Sergei suggests a baseball game on Mars between the Americans and Russians.
    Sergei: We have equal crews, two men, one woman. Same handicap.
  • Phil is kinda like a Class Clown. And he plays it very well for the whole movie.
    • The look on his face when Jim starts eating the floating M&M's that represent his "ideal woman" is priceless for one thing.
    Jim: What is she now?
    Phil: A frog...?
    • He's also very good at playing the Deadpan Snarker.
    Phil: Yeah, and drifting through eternity will ruin your whole day.
    • Of course his best moment comes as he's hesitating to launch the ship and leave the others behind like he was ordered to do. And is saved from having to make a choice by the crew's timely arrival.
    Luke: Phil, do you read me?

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