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Trivia / Maximum Ride

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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Anyone who knows anything about Game Boys could tell you that they don't have downloadable games, and certainly wouldn't have a bunch of them pre-installed if they did. And that you don't sell the display copy of a game console. The manga fixes the first issue by turning it into a Bland-Name Product, but not the second.
  • Development Hell: A film adaptation was announced by Summit Entertainment in 2010 with Catherine Hardwicke (director of the first Twilight movie) set to direct. Cut to 2012 and it looks like that the project has been quietly canceled (due to Lionsgate buying Summit, Alex Cross (from the same author) flopping at the box office and Lionsgate/Summit choosing to adapt the Divergent series instead). Then the screenwriter for the movie also died in March 2013. It was finally released in August 2016.